The plans for 2017

Dear Sirs, Along with a Chronograf S.8, we have decided to terminate production of our best-selling project Heritage Chrono. Time for new challenges! We are working on Chrono Royale version. One-tone more elegant versions with polished cases and croco straps. For 2017 we are planning to release 3-4 automatic models of watches.

  •  The new version Formmeister, called Formmeister Sport (150pcs), the changes will affect probably dial and caseback ( see-through caseback ). Pre-orders on our website should be launched mid April 2017
  •  The new version of the watch VIS1935 (150pcs), it will be VIS1935 UPRISING. Modifications will touch every element of the watch, we are currently testing a new dial and case finish. The general character of the watch will not change. Pre-orders also will starts End of April 2017.
  •  A completely new watch design based on Japan automatic movement which will be available in 2 strongly differing versions of the dial. It has a good chance to be the most advanced watch how ever we produced. Work is advanced. I can only write that it will be very versatile and at the same time specific in its message, case diameter 41mm. The new project, depending on how will go proceed prototyping process, should appear on our site in the vicinity of April, then also the Pre-order will start.

I encourage you to add your e-mail to our newsletter on the homepage. As a result, as soon as news will appear on our website, we will inform you. All the best in 2017! Watch dreams comes true! 🙂