Manufacture of watches

All our watches are designed, assembled and subjected to final quality control in Wroclaw, Poland. We order components for their production from suppliers from all over the world, also from Poland. Delivery time and best price / quality ratio are counted.

Production of modern watches is a rather complicated process, despite appearances. It is very similar to the production of modern cars. One watch consists of components from an average of 8 independent suppliers.

We are able to meet your individual watches order. Deliver personalized, occasional (company/club logo) watches for businesses, corporations and clubs. Produce from scratch a new series of watches (quartz and mechanical).

– We provide graphic design, technical and complex process of prototyping watch.
– Provide a sample (prototype models) so that ordering before the final mass production knows how will look his watch.
– We offer professionally designed and manufactured packaging.
– We reduce the risk of wrong client decisions to a minimum.

Execution process

After determining the details of each project, we present the valuation. We provide continuous and active contact with the client. Every detail is discussed with the client, we offer solutions based on our experience but the final decisions always are made by client. We invite you to cooperate with us!

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